O.M.T.R. has been established in February 1986 as a workshop for the mechanical jobbing in many fields such as textile, food, wood processing, precision mechanics.

In 2001 O.M.T.R. increased its production capacity and new staff (with very long experience in the design of machines for the heat exchange industry) has been integrated into the Company for the design and manufacturing of machines for the heat exchange industry.

The target of the integration was to manufacture and sell machines for the production of heat exchangers, to design and manufacture equipments pertaining to the air-conditioning and refrigeration field and to supply the know-how for the achievement and of projects, graphics, technics and calculations concerning mechanical products destined to the field the Company is oriented to.

O.M.T.R. is currently manufacturing the whole range of machines as well as special tools and spare parts for any machines. Moreover, being a flexible Company, O.M.T.R. is specialized in manufacturing special machines fitted to client’s requirements.

The company has its strength in the technical component of its human resources, the new coaching staff became a member of OMTR has thirty years of experience in the field of construction machinery and molds for the production of the components of the exchangers temperature.

The O.M.T.R. has invested heavily in research in materials and applied technology that brought the company has reached a very high quality positioning in the field.

In recent years were made different types of machinery, equipment and molds, to meet all the demands inherent in this specific market exchangers.