OMTR s.r.l.

OMTR S.r.l. is a company that operates in the precision metal mechanical processing industry.

Our history

OMTR was born in 1986 from the passion and commitment of the founding members, as a contracting company for various sectors such as textiles, food, wood processing and precision mechanics.
In 2001 a team of specialists, with a long experience acquired from the most well-known Italian manufacturers, joined the company. This allowed the company to expand its activity to the heat exchangers sector, and also to introduce a technical office dedicated to the design of specific machinery and components.

OMTR s.r.l.

Services and products

Services and products
We have a large fleet of high precision machine tools (CNC), control and test equipment with micrometric precision, CAD / CAM.
We operate in the heat exchangers sector with our own line of products and with the production of spare parts and accessories of all kinds, including customized ones, as well as in the revamping of machinery. We also want to establish our company as a partner in mechanical processing for third parties, to fully support the customers’ needs. Thanks to the production flexibility and organizational skills we have acquired, we are able to support our customers’ needs in carrying out orders with multiple types of processing, as well as in the design and the realization of customized equipment.
The network of collaborators and suppliers that we have consolidated over time allows us to satisfy the customer on a 360 -degree basis even for particular activities, treatments and finishes.

Post-sales service

The service is direct between OMTR and the customer, this means the we don’t ask for the support of third parties, for both the design and for the resale of spare parts or modifications of the equipment and the assembly lines. We can be proud to offer a very fast and efficient post-sales service for both Italian and foreign customers.


OMTR Srl has its roots in the industrial area of Brianza where it has created a solid network of collaborators and suppliers to support the business, in order to best satisfy the specific customer needs.
Our operational headquarters are in Via Brisbino 15, 22072 Cermenate in the province of Como; they occupy a covered area of 1,500 m2 on a total property area of 3,000 m2.

If you have any further question, do not hesitate to contact our support.

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