OMTR Special Tool

Trim & Flare Tool - ENHANCED

OMTR Trim & Flare tool (USA patent No. 7134303 B2) will enable the operator to perform two operations at a time after the expansion:
  • tube trim to the desired length
  • Bell Forming (only with copper and aluminum tubes)
The cutting operation is carried out without shavings removal.
The machine can be provided with suitable equipment to process stainless steel, copper and aluminum tubes with the following diameter:
    • From Ø7,94 mm (5/16’’) up to Ø15/88 mm (5/8’’) with copper and aluminum.
    • From Ø9,53 mm (3/8’’) up to 22,00 mm with copper and aluminum.
Note. Each piece of equipment can ONLY work for one type of pipe (diameter, expansion diameter, pipe thickness). It is therefore necessary to use specific equipment for each type of pipe that you use.
Technical data
Stainless Steel
Workin pressure
6/8 BAR
Cycle Time
4 Second
1200 NL/1 min.
Min Ø
3/8’’ – WT 0,50 mm
Max Ø
22,00 mm – WT 0,70 mm
Brevetto n°
Patent n*
Pat. n°
7134303 B2

Order Form

To order the trim and flare tool, we kindly request you to fill the form below with all the measurements of the tube, after its expansion.


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